Roundtable Dashboard

Roundtable Dashboard

Roundtable Dashboard is a browser-based application that provides detailed insight into the state and performance of applications developed under Roundtable TSMS.

It is the central reference for both non-technical and technical players, providing oversight, insight and control for management, and extensive tools to design, manage, automate and continuously review work with tasks, workspaces, code and more.

Roundtable Dashboard

Roundtable Dashboard is an add-on product to the popular Roundtable TSMS, Software Configuration Management system from our partner Roundtable Software.

Roundtable Dashboard is a web based dashboard application that provides a number of additional features for Roundtable TSMS users, all from the comfort of you web browser, tablet or phone.

Roundtable Dashboard extends the user base of Roundtable TSMS to other parts of the application development organization such as company executives, project managers, business analysts, support and QA personel.

It includes Advanced Task Management, workflows, automation APIs, graphs and statistics, and access to some core Roundtable TSMS features without the need to log in to a development environment.

Advanced Task Management is one of the central features of the dashboard included in the first release. We are extending the traditional task management in Roundtable TSMS with many features including priorities, assignments, labels, milestones, comments, worklogs and statuses.

Task Management will be extended after the initial release to support more than just development tasks from Roundtable. This will include things like support tickets, to-dos, devops and workflow tasks.

Task Management will also be a central coming in the coming workflow features that will be released in early 2018.

Roundtable Dashboard

Workflows are at the heart of the dashboard Task Management and the upcoming workspace and automation features of the Roundtable Dashboard.

Workflows can be designed to map the various stages tasks should go through as part of the development and application life-cycle. Each individual stage in the workflow represents a status or an action that needs to be performed (manually or automatically). The initial release of the workflows supports task workflows and manually moving tasks between stages. Later releases will include support for workspace workflow and automated, event driven workflows.

Roundtable Dashboard

The workflow featureset is being combined with a set of automation tasks in Roundtable TSMS. This allows changes in state on a task to execute back-end processes (e.g. imports and compiles).

Roundtable Dashboard

When the workspace workflow featureset is released, this will also include more automation for Roundtable available directly from a web browser - in a fully integrated environment where the workflows, stages, events and associated data is all available from the Roundtable Dashboard. The dashboard will therefore be able to replace a combination of external tools that are often used together with Roundtable to implement a complete SCM flow with elemnts of CI (Continuous Integration).

The Roundtable Automation is an add-on module to the Roundtable Dashboard. RTB Automation includes secure REST APIs to execute key Roundtable functions.

The automation REST APIs can be integrated into the workflow functionality and also available for external integration with other toolsets.

The automation APIs make it possible to perform core Roundtable TSMS functions such as:

  • Workspace compiles
  • Creating releases
  • Creating tasks
  • Workspace Imports
  • Making Deployments
  • Workspace Integrity checks
More APIs and integration points are in the works and will be added in future releases.

Roundtable Automation can be used within the Roundtable Dashboard workflow, command line tools (like CURl) and CI/CD tools like Jenkins. We deliver a set of sample Jenkins projects for customers to get started with using jenkins and RTB Automation together.

We have included lots of detailed graphs and statistics that make it possible to see the status of the application development cycle, workload, bottle necks and much more. This is a key part of the system and we will continuously be adding new graphs and statistics as we roll out the dashboard.

In addition to the built in graphs and stats, users will be able to create their own in upcoming releases of the Dashboard.

Roundtable Dashboard - Dashboards

Workload tracking with estimated and spent time on tasks are the start to time and resource planning for your application development.

Roundtable Dashboard - Worklogs

Adding the Roundtable Dashboard to a Roundtable TSMS environment enables the collection of a very detailed audit trail for all activities in Roundtable. This data is used to create useful statistical data and measurements. The auditlog can also be used for SOX and other compliancy requirements as all activities performed by users in development as well as the Dashboard are tracked.

Roundtable Dashboard - Auditlog

The Roundtable Dashboard includes support for JIRA from Atlasssian as the first of several external Issue Providers.

A fully functional version of JIRA Software Server with a 10 user license is included in the default stack for Roundtable Dashboard. This makes it very easy to get started with using JIRA and Roundtable Dashboard together. Customers who already have their own installation of JIRA or are using JIRA Cloud can easily set this up to work with the dashboard.

The integration with JIRA allows customers to handle all of their core issue functionality in JIRA, and then use the Roundtable Dashboard to integrate directly with Roundtable TSMS tasks and use the workflow and automation functionality in the dashboard with teir JIRA issues.

Roundtable Dashboard is now available from Roundtable Software.

Contact Roundtable Software Sales ( or nodeable Sales for more details if you can't wait!

We would love to give you a demo and explain how Roundtable Dashboard can benefit your business.

Roundtable Dashboard - Workspace details