Roundtable Automation

Roundtable Automation

Roundtable Automation is a stand-alone product to use with Roundtable TSMS, or an add-on module for Roundtable Dashboard. RTB Automation gives customers access to a set of secure REST based APIs that can be used to automate processes in Roundtable TSMS and to build new custom workflows.

Roundtable Automation can be used from any tools that can make calls to REST APIs such as Jenkins and cURL as well as from OpenEdge code.

Roundtable Automation is an advanced add-on product to the popular Roundtable TSMS, Software Configuration Management system from our partner Roundtable Software.

Roundtable Automation can be used from any tools that can make calls to REST APIs such as Jenkins and cURL.

RTB Automation can also be used together with the Roundtable Dashboard to provide integrated access to the automation features together with task and workspace based workflows.

The product includes pre-built and tagged images, documentation for installation setup and use as well as sample implementations of using the product from command line scripts and from Jenkins.

The Roundtable Automation REST APIs can be integrated into the workflow functionality and also available for external integration with other toolsets.

The automation APIs make it possible to perform core RTB functions such as:

  • Workspace compiles
  • Creating releases
  • Creating tasks
  • Workspace Imports
  • Making Deployments
  • Workspace Integrity checks
More APIs and integration points are in the works and will be added in future releases.

RTB Automation can be used within the Roundtable Dashboard workflow, command line tools (like CURl) and CI/CD tools like Jenkins. We deliver a set of sample Jenkins projects for customers to get started with using jenkins and RTB Automation together.

Roundtable Automation is now available from Roundtable Software.

Contact Roundtable Software Sales ( or nodeable Sales for more details if you can't wait!

We would love to give you a demo and explain how Roundtable Automation can make your use of Roundtable TSMS easier, faster and much more streamlined.